Because I’m Bored… Which Lady Antebellum Song Are You?

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

A. Bicycle

B. Motorcycle

C. Luxury Car

D. Sports Car

E. Truck

FAST! ME like fast! …. D

What is your preferred style of boot?

A. Dark with heels

B. Red

C. Ornate designs

D. Turquoise

E. Rounded for comfort/work

Why is there no all of the above option??? If I had to choose I guess… E

Who do you most relate to in Lady Antebellum?

A. Charles

B. Hillary

C. Dave

Um… considering I had no clue what the guys names were… B

What is something you always have with you?

A. Camera

B. Red heels

C. Dog

D. Flask

E. Lip gloss

Hmmm… well I only wear makeup on rare occasions…. I’d rather have my dog with me everywhere… but… it is my camera..(Phone..)

Who would you most like to road trip with?

A. Willie Nelson

B. Kelly Clarkson

C. Sam Hunt

D. Taylor Swift

E. Jimmy Fallon

Uh hands down… E! That dude is freakin hilarious and his wife and kid are beautiful!

What are you usually doing on a weekend?

A. Picking wildflowers

B. Running/Jogging

C. Girls Night Out

D. Date with him

E. Mudding

Hmmmm…. I do none of these… even though I seriously need to… I’d probably go with… C

American Honey!

I LOVE this song!

You’re welcome 😉

Jacky D



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