What Type Of Ice Cream Are You?

SO I was bored…*GASP* and I was browsing through Facebook… I found this quiz…

What Type Of Ice Cream Are You?

Here we go!

What is your theory on clothes?

A. I wear whatever I find whether it matches or not

B. I wear them as many times as possible

C. I have no idea, I just wear what I find in my drawers

D. I try to do laundry rarely to try to help the environment

E. I haven’t been that good about washing my clothes when they need to be washed


Do you consider yourself good or bad?

A. Good… I guess

B. Bad

C. A healthy mix of both

D. Donuts!

E. Good

Uh… A…. just cause… well… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bad at times… but I like to think I’m relatively good….

How would your friends describe you?

A. A little rough around the edges

B. I have my moments

C. Nurturing

D. Average

E. TBH I’m kind of random

E…….. 😛

Do you have Multiple Personality Disorder?

A. Heck, no (sassy black girl Z snap)

B. Maybe, I’m not sure (awkward nerd face)

C. Sadly yes….

D. No… but I feel bad for the people who do

E. Hello… I’m NORMAL… (creepy staring face with some heavy breathing)

Uh…. D? none of these are really… popping out at me….

Who is your favorite My Little Pony?

A. Apple Jack, she makes mistakes but she’s kind and noble

B. I don’t watch My Little Pony, it’s for babies

C. Pinkie Pie, her randomness is a lot like me

D. Fluttershy, the way she treats animals so nicely

E. Rainbowdash! SO AWESOME!

Um…. B.

What would you like to do on a weekend?

A. Do something fun… maybe go hiking

B. Play video games, maybe watch a little tv

C. I’d be praying/meditating

D. Something peaceful maybe yoga


First off, hiking is not that fun…. ugh…. it’s a toss up between B and E…. uh… erm… EHHHH??? :S B?

OMG I’M VANILLA!!! YUMMMMMY… I can be so many things….!!!!

Jacky D



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