So I live in a two bedroom apartment on the bottom floor with three men. Yep, THREE, men! I being the only girl in the house, excluding my sweet hammy, Fiora, undoubtedly have roomie issues. Being as I share a room with my fiancee it isn’t all bad. Let’s introduce you. We have Robert (my fiancee), Joey, and Junior (Oscar). Robert goes to school to become a computer programmer. Joey is a cook at a bar, and Junior is a sous chef in a restaurant. I am a certified nursing assistant. We all have weird hours and barely see each other.

We all love video games, D&D, and food. That much, we all have in common. Our differences come in cleaning.

They are boys… so lets break it down.

1. They pee….


Come on… can you not aim?!

2. They cook…

they do not however clean their dishes or put away their food….

It wouldn’t be so bad if it were their dishes or their food!

3. Their stuff is everywhere….

as a girl, I have a lot of stuff…

but they leave their dirty clothes, shoes, trash, books, games, etc everywhere…

4. I’m a girl…

they expect me to do ALL of the cleaning

UM NO! You are all older than me, clean your own shit!

5. Privacy?


you’re so funny!

6. They are always taking a “dump”

like dude…


7. I’m a nice person…

I invited them to come live with us

until they found a job and their own apartment….

I know it sucks living in a small town and feeling stuck with no possibility of leaving….

8. I’m ready for a family with my one and only…

If I wanted to live with three boys I’d have

my Husband and two sons….

I’m sorry to gripe because there are a few things that are nice about roommates… but I never liked any of my roommates…. sigh….

Any advice would be nice….

Jacky D



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